When you go out with your friends, your significant other, (or why not, by yourself!) you're only looking to eat some great food and unwind for a couple of hours. Sometimes you're only looking for a place that serves good food and isn't too expensive. But when it's time to go to a restaurant, there seems to be a trillion options to choose from. That's one of the many reasons why restaurants are trying to impress us with the elaborate way they're serving their dishes. And while we do admire the fact that they're trying something new, it kind of seems like they're trying so hard, that the dishes ended up being way too goofy, even for the most pretentious of customers.

#1. An optimist would look at the glass as being half full…

But what is it half full of? Ramen noodles and beer? While the restaurant does get extra brownie points for trying, we'll say this is just a big glass of NOPE.

#2. Do you really want to find out what will happen when you try to snatch those mini cheese treats?

While these little cheese appetizers look deliciously sinful, the price to pay when you grab them is a bit too much. Ouch!

#3. A "Bear Trap" burger is being served at Lviv, but is it worth the risk?

Seriously though, bear traps and burgers don't mix, have never mixed, and they will never mix. So stop trying to make bear trap burgers happen, it is not going to happen.

#4. This dish was part of a $165, three-hour tasting menu, according to a Reddit user. So was it worth it?

The little scallop on top seems to be small enough to leave you wanting more, but the skull it was being served on? Well, that might throw you off food forever!

#5. Somehow, this potted bread dish looks aesthetically pleasing.

But this lovely little gimmick probably comes with a price tag, as the fancier it looks, the more you're going to end up paying. Is it really worth it?

#6. This pretentious salad is way too edgy for our tongues.

Imagine going into this zucchini, beef, and mix of greens salad and accidentally cutting yourself with that busted down can of Coke? No thanks!

#7. This lovely white chocolate dessert filled with miso is being served on a flip-flop. Why?

Maybe they've run out of plates?

#8. There are tons of folks who are super into trying new things, but this is way too extreme, even for foodies.

This creepy fish skin dish is scary enough to throw you off seafood forever, as it's being served on a taxidermy piranha. Is this what nightmares are made of?

#9. A bar in London seems to have wizards for bartenders, as they served this man's girlfriend a cocktail in a levitating glass.

Do you care to find out how they did it? Neither do we! This one's just super cool!

#10. We love nachos, everyone loves nachos, but you know what we don't love?

Having to get a tetanus shot after eating them off a tinfoil can.

#11. If you like spooky and bizarre food concoctions, this chocolate pudding is perfect for you.

This bizarre creation is being served in an ashtray with sesame ash that seriously makes it look like the real deal.

#12. We've seen it all, deconstructed sandwiches, chips in mugs, and spaghetti in beer glasses. But what's this crazy dish all about?

Apparently, these are fried ravioli getting served on a clothesline, because duh! The chef was running out of ideas, evidently.

#13. This steak, veggies, and sauce dish looks delicious, but there's one problem with the tile they've used to serve it.

Well, according to a Reddit user, the same tiles could be seen in the bathroom. Speechless!

#14. People can eat anything, as long as they don't know where it's coming from or what it looked like dead.

Still, when you're enjoying a nice plate of cheeses and meats, the last thing you want to look at is a weird mouse sculpture that looks like it just died 10 minutes ago.

#15. The food looks scrumptious, but the aftertaste must be awful.

There's no way that placing all this delicious seafood didn't end up tasting like the toolbox it got served on. Why ruin a good thing?

#16. This is when you know they took things way too far…

That's an apple pastry dessert that is being served on an image of a plate…but wait! What's that underneath the image of a plate? A freaking iPad. Wow.

#17. If you've already tried chicken nuggets, chicken sandwiches, and fried chicken, then you gotta try this!

But what is this dish? It looks like grilled or roasted chicken that for some reason is sunbathing…near two eggs that are suspiciously uncooked. But this one's definitely a culinary adventure!

#18. You may call yourself a pizza lover, but you're no pizza connoisseur until you've tried the "Tree of Pizza."

While it is somewhat shaped like a pizza, we can't help but wonder…where's the crust?

#19. So this freaky-looking salad calls for a little ingredient that comes inside an off-putting syringe.

We know there's some sort of sauce inside, but seriously, syringes and tinfoil cans don't mix, y'all!

#20. They went through all this trouble just to serve some caviar.

Caviar is fancy, but among the many beautiful plates and dishes they could've used to serve it, how did a wooden hand end up being the winner?

#21. You probably had chocolate mud pie, but have you ever had it inside a potted plant?

This dessert looks so much like the real deal, that you could've left it in the garden and no one would've been tempted to take a bite.

#22. The food looks scrumptious but the moment is ruined by it getting served on a toilet bowl.

Seriously, sometimes less is more, guys!

#23. They decided that glasses and mason jars were too mainstream, so they served this cocktail in an umbrella.

Somehow, we don't think 2007 Britney would not be too into this shot.

#24. If you ever wanted to know what eating breakfast in prison was like, check this one out!

This restaurant is going for that "prison cafeteria-chic" style that's trending pretty much…NOWHERE!

#25. It does look like a martini, but by now, you probably know that what's on the inside is some crazy concoction.

Thankfully, this restaurant is just serving steak and mashes potatoes inside this tiny martini glass, but hey! At least their tiny portions help you stay on your diet.

#26. This communal spaghetti is getting served on the table…and somehow, people seem happy about it.

We would've immediately asked for plates, Coke cans, tiles, anything other than eating off the table. Yikes.

#27. If you thought you were pretentious, check out this final fish getting served on Masterchef.

They mixed a little bit of witchcraft and meringue to come up with these floating meringue fingers on pillow. Seriously impressive. Almost too pretty eat, don't you think?

#28. Look, we get it, restaurants have to get everyone talking about them on social media. But dude…

They should refrain from making their dishes so hard to eat. This dessert was served in a glass head that was so inaccessible, it had to be eaten with long spoons.

#29. All this customer wanted was root beer and a glass of water.

But this restaurant thought they'd leave a nice impression if they served their drinks on measuring glass cups… did it work? Well, it's on social media so….perhaps, they knew what they were doing.

#30. When you're craving a fresh salad, complete with a decorative edible flower, and…tires?

Seriously, who comes up with these? The smell of rubber must've taken away the lovely aroma from the flowery decorations on this healthy-looking salad. We get it guys, you're so creative! Now let's go back to regular plates, please!



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