They say that photographing children and animals can be quite a challenge. They won't stay still and even worst, they don't understand how to pose and why you're even taking their pic. Kids just want to go out and play, and it's totally understandable! But, as parents, you want to capture that innocent time when they're little and only want to play around and be silly. But asking them to pose a certain way completely ruins all the magic. Then, there's the fact that some children simply don't like their pictures taken.

But for photographer/mom, Samantha Bishop, there's an added challenge whenever she wants to shoot her son, Levi. Since Levi's got autism, he feels really sensitive and uncomfortable about smiling for the camera or making direct eye contact. But Samantha is a clever mom, so she came up with the perfect plan to get Levi to loosen up and have a blast, and the results are hilariously beautiful.

Samantha knows that her son Levi doesn't really enjoy being in front of the camera.

But it's not because he hates being photographed. He simply doesn't know what to do and how to act. “I don’t know what to do with my face,” he once shared with his mom.

But Samantha wasn't about to let a little awkwardness get in the way of snapping a couple of great shots of her family.

She realized that the best way to get kids to loosen up is to turn everything into a game! Clever-mom Samantha decided to purchase a T-Rex suit, and let Levi wear it during family photos, and the results are truly spectacular.

Not only did the kid ended up having a blast, but the pictures are simply to die for!

As soon as Samantha shared her hilariously creative family photos, the internet exploded, and soon enough, comments started pouring in praising the mom and her clever idea.

The shoot ended up being better than she even expected, and they truly do give traditional family photos a run for their money!

Everyone thought that Samantha found a totally creative way to get her child to relax and enjoy the photo shoot and get over his fears. She found a way to include him in a way that works for him!

Her creative parenting solution didn't even put Levi in an uncomfortable position.

As a matter of fact, he truly ended up enjoying it! Levi and his five-year-old cousin, Lola, had a truly memorable family bonding experience, and the pictures absolutely prove it.

Lola went with it, and put on her acting shoes for every single shot!

You can see Lola running away from a scary T-Rex that's actually chasing after her in the field. The results are epic!

Nothing worse than children pics where you can clearly see their distaste over getting their picture taken!

This is a total breath of fresh air from the photos people usually share on social media, where their kids are just standing there, forcefully posing with empty eyes and blank smiles.

There's really nothing better than being able to capture a child's playful nature.

But let's face it, it's not an easy task, that's for sure! Sometimes children are simply "not in the mood," or they still feel a bit awkward in front of the camera.

Samantha was able to get the children to relax and have fun, even though she was carefully following them with a camera.

But for the rest of us mortals, who can barely snap a decent selfie, there's video. If you can't take photos of your children, whip up your phone and start recording those wonderful memories! Catching them fooling around is as real as it gets, after all!


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