There are people in this world who do whatever they can to go above and beyond their call of duty as a human. They bring up people's spirits whenever they can by sharing a smile, a kind word, or a joke. And despite their hardships, they know that being nice and helping others is the best way to go. This elementary school had an employee who was known for doing more than was asked of him, and when he was down and out, they came together to help raise him up again.

62-year-old Wallace Peoples has been a crossing guard at Sherwood Forest Elementary School for two years.

Mr. Peoples isn't exactly your typical crossing guard who tries to get done with their work as soon as possible. Mr. Peoples truly enjoys his work, and everyone around him can tell. This is especially true of the parents and children of his school.

The families of Sherwood Forest Elementary School absolutely adore having Mr. Peoples as their crossing guard.

Mr. Peoples always has positive words of encouragement for his children and a cheerful "hello" for the parents waiting in the dreaded pick-up line. Needless to say, when Mr. Peoples was missing from work for a few days, everyone seemed to take notice.

As it turns out, Mr. Peoples was going through some hard times at home.

Unfortunately, his vehicle had broken down so he wasn't able to make it to work. And to make matters worse, he had spent his Christmas Eve all alone in the hospital. Once the parents heard what their beloved Mr. Peoples was going through, they knew that they needed to do something to help.

One parent, in particular, pulled everyone together to try to help out Mr. Peoples during his hard times.

The parent, Sloane Johnson, created a Facebook post about trying to help Mr. Peoples by starting a fundraiser. During the first two hours, the parents had already raised $800 to donate to Mr. Peoples. But that wasn't all they were going to come up with.

One of the families decided to help Mr. Peoples out with his biggest problem of all.

They decided to donate a car to Mr. Peoples so he would be able to make it to work every day. After a few more donations, the families of Sherwood Forest Elementary were able to raise $2,500 for Mr. Peoples. The only thing left to do was let Mr. Peopls in on the surprise!

Mr. Peoples, thinking he was meeting someone who wanted to sell their car, showed up to the school.

But he was about to receive the surprise of a lifetime! When he pulled up to the school in a borrowed vehicle, Mr. Peoples noticed a small crowd gathered in the parking lot.

The parking lot was crowded with students and parents from Sherwood Forest Elementary.

As they were calling Mr. Peoples their "superhero," he made his way closer to where they were. This was when he received the surprising news.

Not only was he getting a new car, but he was also given all of that money to help get him through his rough patch.

Mr. Peoples couldn't believe what was happening! Overcome with emotion, he began to cry at the generosity that the families were showing him. “It’s good to know that people care," he explained.

As Mr, Peoples started his new car, he smiled from ear to ear.

In a world where people struggle way too often, these families showed how easy it is to help others when people come together. It feels good to show people like Mr. Peoples that their caring and genuine attitude is appreciated.



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